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The Reinvented Funds®

Congratulations!  You have found us.

We will soon be offering two unique real estate investment funds, where hard-working people from every walk of life, globally, can invest small amounts, into U.S., institutional quality, commercial real estate. Thereby, growing their wealth long term by utilizing the same tried and true methods the wealthiest families worldwide have used for generations.

Bedrock investments- that are consistent, safe, conservative, and liquid


Soon anyone can invest and grow their wealth and positively change the future for their family – no matter their starting point!


We have Reinvented real estate investing. Join our community and learn why it is simply a BETTER way to invest.  Our two funds will be available to the global public as soon as we receive SEC approval.

Estimated by first quarter of 2023.


This site is the home of:

REI Capital Growth (REICG)

REICG is a real estate investment fund designed to provide consistent, programmatic, equity growth uncoupled from the public markets and changing real estate values.

REI Capital Income (REICI)

REICI is a real estate investment fund designed to provide consistent, long term reliable fixed income, secured by first lien acquisition debt, and backed by cash-flowing stabilized commercial real estate. and;

REI Capital Management (REICM)

The Sponsor and Manager of both real estate funds

People all around the world are facing  uncertain times.


The US Dollar is at a near record high levels. This is making it very problematic for other nations that have US dollar based debt. The standard basket of currencies is up nearly 14% against the Dollar.

The increasing dollar is causing record high inflation and rising interest rates around the world. These new realities have disrupted global markets across fixed income and equity investments alike, and have created challenges for both income and growth investors!


Interest rates are going up!

Energy Costs are going up!

Food Costs are going up!

Residential mortgage rates are going up, to levels not seen since 2008!

The stock market is way down!

Inflation is threatening our future!



Investment managers and wealthy investors are seeking alternative investments” to keep pace with inflation and preserve wealth.


But YOU do not have access to these alternatives!






Join with us and become part of our global investment community.  Only together, can we invest as  ONE.


real estate investment fund

Together We can Invest In Real Estate like the wealthiest families in the world.

The top 1% has grown their wealth with commercial real estate for generations. They have had exclusive access to buy investment grade, commercial real estate, and hold these assets for the long term.




The Reinvented Funds®



The world’s first  U.S. Commercial Real Estate Funds structured as digital asset securities (aka: STOs)