Real Estate Reinvented

Equity Model

REI Capital Growth’s new business model allows global small balance investors to participate in U.S. Commercial Real Estate. A Security Token Offerings (STO) designed for both International and U.S. Investors.

A business structure, backed by cash flowing real estate, designed as a “Perpetual Growth Machine”

No U.S. commercial real estate firm has ever offered International STOs like these before.

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Debt Model

REI Capital Lending (REICL) has devised a new way to “corporatize” and replace traditional Mortgage Debt for its U.S. Commercial Real Estate Fund.

With this Bond STO, REICL can deliver a 5.5% coupon rate with a pay rate of 4.0% interest and a total yield of 6.4% providing income to global investors, paid quarterly in $U.S. Dollars (or their local currency of choice) and non-U.S. investors will be exempt from the 30% U.S. withholding tax requirements.

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