Real Estate Investing ReinventedSM

A US Real Estate Investment Fund
For Global Investors

Our investment philosophy mimics the Warren Buffet model,

“Our favorite holding period is forever”.

We buy commercial real estate and hold it… forever! All rental income will be reinvested to purchase more commercial properties, growing the value of the fund exponentially.

How REICG Is Different

Most real estate investments distribute returns in one of two ways, either through distributions/dividends or through the liquidation of the underlying property.

REICG reinvests the cash flow generated from our real estate acquisitions into buying more properties. This investment methodology grows the Fund’s total cash flow, allowing the Fund to purchase ever more properties, growing the portfolio exponentially. REICG is a long term investment product that grows investor money through the appreciation of the value of the Fund.

Most real estate investments are long term in nature with limited liquidity, but REICG has developed a liquidity vehicle to allow investors to liquidate their shares on their timeline.

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Invest like the wealthiest families in the world.

The top 1% has grown their wealth with commercial real estate for generations. They have had exclusive access to buy investment grade, commercial real estate and hold these assets for the long term.

They reinvest a majority of the rental income into more real estate and grow their wealth exponentially.

To quote Warren Buffet — “Our favorite holding period is forever.”

MountX offers an accessible option for anyone who wants to become an international real estate investor, without a large financial investment or previous experience.


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