The Rei Capital Mission:

Providing global access to the wealth generating power of U.S. Commercial Real Estate

Providing truly democratized global access to the wealth generating power of U.S. Commercial Real Estate.


Designed for a large number of small  investors, to enable robust liquidity, with friction-free cross border trading.

We are once again in a revolutionary period within in the finance industry.


Blockchain technology provides almost instantaneous settlement, an immutable digital ledger, and global access to institutional-grade investment opportunities!  Digital securities or STOs are fully registered and regulated securities that record the beneficial ownership ledger on blockchain technology.  Now everyday investors can access the previously exclusive club of private institutional investments.



REICM Uses Blockchain for three main reasons:


Global Access/Security – Access your investments from anywhere in the world with confidence.


Lower Costs – Let's remove the Wall Street middlemen that want their cut of our investments.


Real Estate Liquidity – Earn your returns without waiting for properties to be sold.


How REICG can Generate Exponential Stock Value Growth:
Uncorrelated to changing real estate values!

You invest in The Fund

The Fund invests in Real Estate

The Real Estate generates Cash Flow

The Cash Flow buys more Real Estate

Your Equity grows even when property values are flat