The signing up process… what to expect

Proceed through the following steps, as this program has been designed to give you maximum protection.

You will need your computer, your mobile phone and your official government issued picture ID.
(We do not recommend attempting this entire process on your mobile device alone.)
We do recomend that you review the advance copies of the Investment Documents that will govern your investments:

The Income Bond
The Equity Growth

Investment Process – Stage 1 of 2:

Begin by creating an account

You can login with your Google account or you can create an account with your Email and a Password.

Here is the Sign up form

This is also the screen you will see when you return to login to your keyless wallet.

See the password requirement

It asks for “Your Given Name” – This is your First Name or the name your mother gave you.

and your “Family Name” –  This your Last Name or the name that is common to everyone in your family.

For security you are required to establish a complex password.  Be sure to make note of it and do not share with anyone.

A Code has been sent to your email address

This is to ensure you typed your email address correctly and that it is in fact your email address.

Check your email and Enter the code

This is confirmation that you own that email address.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions

This is the Vertalo Terms and Conditions agreement.  The label of “Choose a Role” will come into play down the road if you decide to invest in other “digital securities” where Vertalo is also the SEC authorized “Transfer Agent”.

Verify that you are Not a US Citizen

Under the SEC rules of a Reg S security offering we are not allowed to accept US citizens as investors at this point in time.  That may come later in 2021.

This is the "Offer Wall"

Here we list the key metrics to summerize each of the two investment securities sponsored by REI Capital Growth.

Scroll down the "Offer Wall"

As you scroll down the key metrics will come into view and you can choose which investment you would like additional information on, so you can make an informed decision.

You have made your selection

This page contains all the information required for you to make an informed decision regarding this investment.  Scroll down.

Scroll down to see the Information Tabs

Here you will find all the information you need categorized under each Tab. Pay special attention to the “PPM” Tab. This is the Private Placement Memorandum. Some call it a Prospectus. This is the agreement between the issuer and the investor.

You can download the PPM

Remember all documents are presented in English only.  If your English is not that good, at this point you may want to exit the process and take the document to someone who can inform you of everything it contains.  This is the legal agreement that you will sign electronically via DocuSign.

Now you are ready to invest

You have reviewed the information and you are ready to invest. Lets Go!

First you decide how much you will invest in this Security

Here you will see the price per share of Equity ($10.00) or the price per Bond ($1,000.00). You type in how much you want to invest and it will calculate how many shares or bonds you are buying. Remember all prices are in US$ dollars.

Confirm your investment amount

Here you have the opportunity to confirm your investment amount and the number of shares or bonds that you are buying.

Provide your information - Who are you

Please enter you information carefully. Every character counts. Your full name as it appears on your picture identification. In what country are you a citizen and the address that you consider to be your “Permanent Residence.” In what country is this residence.

Many people live in one country while being a citizen of another. We need to know.

What is your "Mailing Address"

While these questions may seem repetitive, there are people who have different addresses for each.

Most importantly, the answers to these questions are entered into an IRS Form, that REI must keep on file to ensure that non-US investors continue to have No US Tax exposure.

Mailing Address Country

We are actually going to have this moved back to the previous Step.

When we need to contact you

As one of our investors we need to be able to communicate with you from time to time.

We need your “Mobile Phone Number” so we can call you and send you “texts”.

We would also like your “WhatsApp Number” so we can send you chats with no charges.  If it is the same # as your mobile please re-enter it.

Include your Country Code!

Re-enter Your Mobile Number

This form is special. When you enter your mobile number and press Submit, you will be sent a text from Netki. That text will contatain a download link for the NetVerify App. This is how the KYC/AML will be automated. Get ready to switch to your mobile phone to continue.

Have your Mobile phone ready

Check your text messages.

You have received a text from Netki

Open the text.

Click the link to install the MyVerify App

The MyVerify App installs instantly.

Welcome to MyVerify

MyVerify is the only KYC/AML service in the world that has been professionally translated into all native languages. Here it is in English. What is the default language on your mobile device?

Private Labeled for REI Capital Management

REI Capital Management only partners with the best technology providers.

Select the official picture ID you will use

The Picture ID choices you are presented with will be specific to your country.

What Country provided your Picture ID

Does the country you selected provide the type of ID you selected?

MyVerify knows – it should match.

MyVerify provides visual instructions

This is very easy. Be sure to place your ID on a dark flat surface.

Just like this.

It will tell you when you are in position.  Brace your arms to hold phone steady.

Automatically snaps picture when in position

Then it tells you if the picture is acceptable. If not it will request that you capture another one.

Make sure you are in a well lighted room, preferably daylight.

Repeat on the back side of your ID

Confirming if the quality of the picture is satisfactory.

Last Step - The Face

It will guide you in real time and may also request that you remove your glasses.

The Count Down

Steady…   3 – 2 – 1  – SNAP.

If only we could all look this good

If you are not happy with the image you can retry. If MyVerify does not accept the image, it will ask you to try it again.

If successful, then you have completed the sign-up process.

Thank You

The End

You will see an REI Capital Management page telling you what to expect next.

Please Notify Us

At REI Capital Management, we have no way to know that you have completed the KYC/AML.

We cannot proceed until this is successfully completed. Please note tjat you may have to repeat the process for one reason or another.

We can help speed up the process, but only if you notify us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Stage 2 – finishing it up:

KYC/AML screening "Approved" Let's Login

Now let’s log back into the account you set up in Stage 1 and finish the investment process.

Here we are requesting Documents to Sign

You are requesting the DocuSign agreements you need to sign to create a legal contract between you and the Fund.  These agreements spell out all of the terms that govern the investment in the Fund.  

Receive documents by email

Moments after requesting the douments, you will receive the email with a link to the DocuSign document, ready for your “electronic signature”.  Click to review!

The Document opens in a new browser Tab

You must first agree that this is a valid contract and when you complete the electronic signature; It is your valid signature.  Click Start.

You get to choose the style of your signature

There are several signature styles for you to choose from — both for signature and initials.

A Tricky Question - Click YES

This question comes from a government form that helps us to confirm that we are only accepting eligible non-US investors.

Another Trick Question - YES

Same answer as the previous question

Sign the Document and Click Finish

Once you have clicked on all the “Initial Here” pages, you will come to the final signature.  Then click “Finish”.

DocuSign always asks you if you want a free account.

This is not required and you can always click “No Thanks”

Wait - there is another DocuSign document.

Click back to the browser tab where you are still logged in.  You will see another blue button that says “Click to Receive Documents”.  Moments later, you will receive an email with the next document. This is your “Payment Instructions”.

The Payment Instructions

As you may know we are currently only accepting investment funds either by Wire transfer or by US Dollar Coin ($USDC) crypto currency.  On this document you tell us how you intend to send in your investment and we give you the instructions for each method.

The Signup Process is complete

When you back to the browser tab where you are still logged into your account, you will see that the signup process is complete.  Notice you can click on the “Portfolio” link at the top of the page.

Done – One thing left to do: Transfer Money!

When you log into your portfolio, you will see the investment shares or bonds that you have just subscribed to.  Notice the “Status” says “Qualify”.  Once we receive your investment funds, the Status will be changed to “Closed”.  At that point you are INVESTED with our Global Family of Investors.  If you decide to invest in our other Fund, it will be a LOT easier.


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