The REInvented Funds®


The world’s first digital U.S. Commercial Real Estate Funds

The Differentiating Factors that will ensure Mass Investor Appeal

REI Capital Growth REI Capital Income Most Other US Private Real Estate Offerings
Minimum Investment $500 $500 $25,000 to $100,000 or More
"Public" SEC Reporting Co Yes Yes No
Who can Invest? Anyone with a Job Anyone with a Job Accredited Investors Only
Open-End Evergreen Fund Yes Yes No - Limited Life then disposition
Type of Security Offered Growth Stock - No Dividends Bonds - Quarterly Interest payments Partner Shares with Partners Distributions or REITs
Liquidity on Multiple Digital Exchanges and ATS Yes Yes No
Optimized for friction-free cross-border training Yes Yes No
Investor Tax Exposure Capital Gains Only upon sale of stock Annual Interest Income Only Annual Ordinary Income and Capital Gains upon Property Disposition

Offering Overview

REI Capital Management is crowdfunding two distinct real estate investment funds, up to $75 million each for the first round of investors; one for growth investors and one for income investors. Utilizing a Reg A+ exemption, REICG will be able to accept all eligible non-US investors along with Non-Accredited US and Accredited US investors will be able to invest upon SEC certification of our Reg A+, which is estimated in the fall 2022.

REI Capital Management is utilizing blockchain technology to document your security interest in both funds. This is known as either an STO (“Security Token Offering“) or DSO (“Digital Security Offering”), which provides a low cost alternative to a traditional IPO, along with additional security and transparency to the benefit of all global investors.

What type of investment fits your portfolio objectives?

Growth Investors

Issued by: REI Capital Growth LLC

Investment Type: Equity (similar to a stock)

Projected Growth Rate: 9% annually

Tax Bracket: Long Term Capital Gains

Liquidity: Secondary market trading on global digital asset exchanges

Minimum Investment: $500

Income Investors

Issued by: REI Capital Income LLC

Coupon Rate: 7.0%

Quarterly Cash Payments: 5.5%

Deferred Interested: 1.5%

Total Yield: 8.12%

Collateral: 1st lien on all fund properties

Minimum Investment: $500

Target Real Estate

CRE Investment Strategy

Niche Segment / “Gap” Properties

Market Diversification and Yield
REICG’s investment strategy involves building a diversified portfolio of high-quality, Class “A”, multi-tenant shopping centers strategically located within the prime retail hubs of secondary markets; markets that benefit from access and proximity to transportation, affluent demographics and strong employment markets.

Properties Within The “GAP”
We target well-positioned assets with purchase prices ranging between $5.0 and $25 million; properties too large for typical individual investors, yet too small for the institutional investors. The decreased competition in this price range provides buying opportunities with higher cap rates. We identified this “GAP” property segment within secondary markets which provide opportunities for higher returns to our investors.

We target properties that have Triple-Net leases and are 90% to 100% leased, while ensuring that no single tenant represents more than 10% of the Fund’s revenue.

Get Wall Street Out of the Equation

By combining disruptive Innovation and advanced digital asset technologies with the wealth generating power of commercial real estate, we have built the first digital U.S. Commercial Real Estate Fund.

REICG utilizes the blockchain and the digital asset secondary market to provide liquidity to our investors. No more liquidating properties to realize your returns.