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REI is a fully integrated Real Estate Investment, Advisory, Brokerage and Management Family of Companies.


Since 2013 the core executive team at REI has refined a distinct strategy that leverages over 90-years of combined hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of acquiring and managing multi-tenant shopping centers. REI currently manages $30 million of assets.


A cornerstone of our strategy is our commitment to deliver unrivaled and exceptional service every day and every transaction we have.


Our fully integrated approach allows us to deliver the highest standard of excellence to our investors, clients and the communities where we invest.

REI Capital Growth, LLC
REICG is a Delaware company, designed to be a public, non-listed Real Estate Operating Company (REOC). This new model is the combination of an “Interval Fund” structure wrapped in a “Permanent Capital Vehicle (PCV)” with beneficial ownership recorded as a “Security Token Offering (STO).”

REI Capital Lending, LLC
REICL is a Delaware company, designed to be a public, non-listed Real Estate Operating Company. By issuing corporate bonds and borrowing money from investors, REICL has devised a new way to “corporatize” and replace traditional Mortgage Debt for U.S. commercial real estate with beneficial ownership recorded as a “Security Token Offering (STO).”

REI Capital Management, LLC
REI Capital Management is a Delaware Company, the Sponsor and Fund Manager for “REI Capital Growth” and for “REI Capital Lending.”

Real Estate Investment Advisors, LLC
A Licensed Commercial Real Estate Firm in Connecticut. Real Estate Investment Advisors brokerage, only represents Buyers or Investors of low risk, cash-flow commercial Real Estate, any place in the United States.
Connecticut Real Estate Brokers License: REB.0789680

The Team


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Trusted Partners

Track Record

For the last 10 years the REI team has been sponsoring Single Property Investments under the “REI Equity Partners” Brand.

Each property was purchased with a single purpose entity (i.e. REI Equity Partners 1-8). These were “limited liability partnerships” for tax purposes, and interests were offered exclusively through word of mouth. The properties to be purchased were identified in advance. All properties were purchased with modest leverage approx. 65% LTV, and all Net Operating Income, less prudent reserves, were distributed to investors on a monthly basis.

Investors receive 100% of every dollar distributed until and unless the investors have achieved the promised average annual “Preferred Return”. Currently 7%. Investors then receive 70% of every dollar distributed above the “Preferred Return”.

The Sponsor Organization “REI Equity Management, LLC” a Delaware LLC, and continues to be the managing partner in each of the limited liability partnerships that have been formed. REI Equity Management, LLC. will receive 30% of every dollar distributed above the “Preferred Return”.


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