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The Reinvented Funds®

The advent of blockchain technology, its global infrastructure and the rapid development of the regulated digital securities industry has delivered to the world all the essential components needed to lower barriers to entry for broad cross-border access to private investment offerings.


The advent of blockchain technology, its global infrastructure and the rapid development of the regulated digital securities industry has delivered to the world all the essential components needed to lower barriers to entry for broad cross-border access to private investment offerings.


REI Capital Management is leading the way with the smart application of new blockchain based digital asset securities regulations and technologies and re-thinking how to better invest in Traditional Real Estate.  We discarded the typical real estate investment business models and designed a new model that fully leverages the power and promise of the Digital Age.

Serving Every Day Investors

REI Capital’s mission is to provide everyday investors around the world with access to the wealth generating power of US Commercial Real Estate.

Six years ago, our founder was approached by a friend and previous investor, who asked: “Is there a way to reinvest my dividend back into your real estate deals without paying tax?”  This question was the inspiration for our quest to Reinvent Real Estate Investments for investors around the world.  How do we let some investors reinvest their returns without tax consequences, while simultaneously allowing some investors to maintain their cash distributions?  All while maintaining a reasonable risk/return profile?

Problem Solving

We were determined to find a better way, so we challenged all the basic assumptions within traditional real estate investments.

  • Why are most real estate investments initially private placements?
  • Why do typical real estate investments plan to be liquidated in 7-10 years?
  • How do small balance investors gain access to real estate investments?
  • How do their returns compare to big institutional investors?

Our analysis concluded that we could combine various aspects of the industry into a new type of fund, a fund that could deliver the immense wealth generating power of US Commercial Real Estate to those who truly need it

The Solution

Two Investment Funds, for the entire Capital Stack, that synergistically acquire Stabilized Real Estate assets and reinvests all Free Cash Flow into acquiring additional properties; resulting in compounding, exponential portfolio growth over time.

We call them “The Reinvented Funds®



Making it Easy

Global consumers and investors prefer mobile apps over websites due to user experience, speed, extra features and trusted content.

There are no other Investor Portals designed for a large number of Global Retail Investors!

So We are Building Our Own.

Simple, yet powerful, our intuitively designed investor portal delivers on  investor satisfaction.

Provide secure one-to-one Investor Communication. Simplify investor relations by providing one place for all information.

Provide 24/7 compliant, Investor on-boarding and access to investment updates and distribution tracking.

The Rei Global Retail Investor Portal

The Rei G.R.I.P.

At REI Capital Management, as we were preparing for the launch of our two real estate funds, we discovered that an investor portal that would meet all of our requirements did not exist.  This is because there are no investment funds designed to reach an international pool of every day small balance investors. In the U.S. the SEC has defined these investors as “non-accredited” investors.

REI Capital Management was founded in order to serve every day investors from around the world, so it became necessary to continue to innovate and become a FinTech company as well.

Investor On-Boarding

There are many Investor on-boarding service providers available for U.S. Sponsors to choose from.  However, none can provide compliant, single-session,  onboarding for international retail investors to include real time, inexpensive payment transfers.

Our Global Retail Investor Portal (G.R.I.P.) features:

  • A secure moderated sales channel. With educational material, voice support, chat support.
  • Access to current Offering Circulars and Information
  • Collect required information for global investors
  • Integrated a Global KYC/AML automated process with the most technically advanced service in the industry. Global identity verification within 90 seconds.
  • Automated subscription document delivery and signing and storage. All within our App, no emails required.
  • Investor selects a global payment method from a list of payment rails available to them in their country. All integrated within our App.
  • Payment methods include:  ACH – US; ACH-SEPA; Global Credit Cards and Debit Cards; Plaid; Google Pay; Apple Pay; PayPal; Crypto Currency converted to $USDC; and Wire Transfer.
  • When payment is received and accepted, notify Investor their investment is complete.
  • The entire process can take as little as 5 to 7 minutes.

Investor Communication

People in different parts of the world communicate in very different ways.  In the U.S. the standard is to communicate via email and telephone. People everywhere, are overwhelmed by their overflowing email inboxes and communications gets lost in the crowd.

International calling rates are prohibitive and not practical. The primary means of communicating in other parts of the the world vary. Some use Facebook, Skype, Lime, Instagram, Twitter, telegram, WhatsApp, etc.  The problem is, these are all infested with SPAM and fraud.  The one thing everyone has in common is the use of Mobile Phones and Apps.  Recent surveys have shown that a majority of people all around the world prefer using Apps for purchasing from commercial vendors, personal banking, and Investing. (i.e. and

We have built into our Investor Platform a secure (military grade encryption)  communications server with mobile Apps. Which includes one-to-one and one-to-many Direct Messaging Chat system, voice over IP calling and Video calling.

Once we encourage a potential investor to install (via marketing and publicity) our mobile App we will have created a direct, trusted, spam free, real time, line of communications between a known “real company” and a “real person” anywhere in the world.

An Investor Relations Calling Desk solution that can outreach in real time to hundreds and thousands of potential and current investors is essential to successfully follow up and connect with investors. There is nothing quite like the personal touch of a timely text and a phone call and talking to a real person. Calls and video calls are still the most successful method to connect with and educate investors to best achieve results.

This is a critical tool for successful investor relations, and managing a calling desk for a global investor base.



We started out as a pure private equity real estate investment firm with a mission that is bold and revolutionary. In order to allow global retail investors to invest in our funds, seamlessly from start to finish within a single 5 minuet session, the portal needed to integrate the financial technology “fintech” of several licensed money transfer companies from around the world.

We are integrating international Credit Card processors, a Digital Money Transfer Company (Circle: $USDC) to send and receive relatively small amounts of money internationally, all denominated in U.S. currency, efficiently and at low or no cost.

The investor will see a list of options as to how they want to fund their investment.  The list will show all the available options for their country and fiat currency.  Each option will itemize any and all transaction costs associated with the choice, so each investor can make an informed decision.

We will continue to add new and additional payments partners, to reach more investors in every corner of the world.


Technology to Automatically Maintain Regulatory Compliance.

The investment industry in all of its various forms is a virtual minefield of government regulations, and any violation, knowingly or unknowingly could jeopardize the Real Estate Funds and affect its investors.

In order to ensure total compliance with all regulations, the REI Portal is automating and programing compliance into every aspect of Investor On-Boarding, KYC/AML, Investor Management, Communications, Payments and Reporting.


Property Technology

The REI Portal will be integrating with the professional property management  company that we select to manage the physical assets, collect the rent and pay the bills.  The data from the property management software will feed directly into the REI enterprise level accounting server.

We will then be able to provide our investors a real time look into the real estate assets we own and the financial performance of the Funds along with the Quarterly update of the NET Asset value per share of stock for REI Capital Growth.

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