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REI Capital Growth’s final preparations to launch the sale of its two Real Estate Securitized Token Offerings (STOs) via Crowdfunding

REICG, a Real Estate Investment Fund has announced a partnership with Vertalo, an Austin, Texas-based fintech company as they finish preparations to launch two highly anticipated Real Estate Securitized Token Offerings (STOs).

REI Capital Growth’s final preparations to launch the sale of its two Real Estate Securitized Token Offerings (STOs) via Crowdfunding:

How to ensure Success? Here is a checklist of must haves:

– A smart business plan, that is new and different, tax-efficient

– Experienced management team, with a great track record

– A large universe of potential investors….. Read More

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REICG Partners with Digital Transfer Agent Vertalo to Launch Real Estate Investment Offerings

September 15, 2020


Vertalo Partners with REI Capital Growth to Launch Real Estate Investment Offerings


Digital asset transfer agenct Vertalo is partnering with REICG in a new commercial real estate fund. Vertalo and REICG plan to launch two real estate investment opportunities

  • An equity business model that allows non-US investors to participate directly in a tax-efficient way. 
  • Second, a new way to “corporatize” and replace traditional mortgage debt for its real estate fund by borrowing money directly from global investors via the sale of bonds and the ability to make interest payments internationally in a tax-efficient way.


Tokenized High Growth Commercial Real Estate Fund Launched

REI Capital Growth has launched a real estate investment strategy where global investors may participate in US Commercial Real Estate using security token offerings.

This Real Estate investment company intends to build a diversified portfolio of high-quality, Class “A”, multi-tenant shopping centers strategically located within the prime retail hubs of secondary markets; markets that benefit from access and proximity to transportation, affluent demographics, and strong employment markets.

REICG Technology Advisor: Barry Monies Interview

April 10th, 2020

Investment Perspectives Cannel

XRP-Week In review:
Dave Cryptopolis and Special Guest Barry Monies “”


Barry Monies interviewed by Brad Kimes and Dave Cryptopolis on
The Investment Perspectives Channel

Stamford’s REINNO looks to disrupt real estate investing with tokenization

A Stamford company believes it has seen the future of real estate investment — and its name is tokenization.

“We believe we’re right on the cutting edge” of tokenization, Barry Moniês, co-founder of REINNO, said at the firm’s office at the Stamford Technology Center (STC) at 970 Summer St. “This is an alternative to traditional real estate financing, which is very restrictive and expensive to get into — and it’s been approved by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).”


REICG Technology Advisor: Barry Moniês Interview

March 10th, 2020

The Westchester County Business Journal

Connecticut Real Estate Tokenized by REINNO

Feb 18th, 2020


Connecticut has recently become home to one of the first commercial properties to undergo tokenization in the United States.

REINNO, real estate tokenization specialists, have just announced the successful creation and issuance, of security tokens, representative of this property;  A process which demonstrated clearly what REINNO is able to offer its clients.

Debt Instrument
While the digital securities sector is still young, we have seen various properties tokenized, both residential and commercial.  This has provided accredited investors around the globe with access to potentially lucrative opportunities that they would not have otherwise.

In this particular instance however, the owners of the $2.5M property having undergone tokenization, have no intention of selling their property.  Rather, they were looking for a loan.

Tokenizing $105 Million Worth of Real Estate with REINNO

n this talk with REINNO co-founder Barry Monies we are discussing:
– Just-announced commercial real estate fund tokenization & rationale behind it
– Features that make REINNO different from other real estate tokenization platforms
– Reasons why most tokenization providers won’t survive and who will
– REINNO plans for 2020

Tokenizing $105 Million Dollars Worth of Real Estate. with REINNO

Feb 10th, 2020

The Crypto Twins Interview Barry Monies

REINNO tokenized $105 Million Dollars Worth of Commercial Real Estate.

Jan 28th, 2020

The International Business Times

REINNO tokenized $105 Million Dollars Worth of Commercial Real Estate.

Real estate tokenization industry is having a great start this year, as more properties are moving to the Ethereum blockchain. A fintech startup REINNO announced the successful tokenization of REI Capital Growth – a fund operated by REI.

REINNO, a fintech startup tokenized REI Capital Growth – a commercial real estate fund worth $105 million dollars. Securitized tokens created will be offered to investors globally.

REINNO tokenizes $105 Million Commercial Real Estate Fund

On January 21st, 2020, real estate tokenization platform REINNO announced the successful tokenization of a real estate fund worth $105 million. The fund — REI Capital Growth — will be available to investors through a security token offering, where tokens are backed by “cash-flowing” commercial real estate in the United States.

REINNO tokenized $105 Million Commercial Real Estate Fund

Jan 24th, 2020

The Tokenist

REICG Signs with REINNO for Tokenization

Jan 22nd, 2020


$105M STO from REICG Tokenized by REINNO

Coming in at, roughly, $105 million, this fund is backed by U.S. based real estate.  Through the tokenization process, access to this asset class is now attainable on a much more global scale.

In a somewhat unique approach, the pairing of companies have decided to structure/offer the REI Capital Growth Fund in what they call a ‘two-tiered’ approach.

$40 million in equity
$65 million in debt
By raising capital in this manner, REI hopes to attract a greater amount of investors.  Many investors are simply not interested in equity, or maybe debt – by offering both, investors can choose what suits their particular needs.

$105 Million Real Estate Fund Tokenized

REI Capital Growth — a commercial real estate fund worth $105 million — now lives on blockchain. Digital security tokens created during the tokenization process will be offered to investors globally.

REI Capital Growth (REICG) uses tokenization to offer a new model for investing in U.S. commercial real estate to international buyers. It is designed as a two-tiered security token offering (STO) with $40 million in equity and $65 million in debt.

REICG security tokens are digital financial securities, backed by the tangible, cash-flowing, U.S. commercial real estate, fully compliant with KYC/AML requirements, and all SEC regulations. These tokens can be sold on secondary markets at the end of the holding period (40 days for debt and one year for equity).

REINNO Press Release

Jan 21th, 2020

From the REI Archives

REI Equity Partners Closes its Seventh Deal

June 9th, 2016

The Fairfield County Business Journal

REI Equity Partners on the Cusp of Closing Seven Properties in Midwest

Privately held real estate investment and advisory firm REI Equity Partners announced that with the anticipated acquisition of properties in Appleton, Wis., in July, it will have closed seven properties in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin totaling $25.6 million and 87,469 square feet.

The Stamford-based company said its network of friends and family contributed over $10.5 million of equity and will receive an average annual return of 9.25 percent.

The announcement was made at REI’s third annual investor reception recently at the Stamford Yacht Club.

The Impact of Commercial Real Estate Taxation Across the 50 States

While blogging about the impact of inter-state (non-residence) taxes on real estate investments, I came across useful research on real estate taxation parameters in every state. The research demonstrates how important it is to understand the tax regime in a state you invest in, in order to predict profits.

Alan Blair Interviewed by Scott Lichtman

March 10th, 2014

Real Estate Investing / Crowdfunding Insights – Blog

by: Scott Lichtman

REI Equity Partners Closes its First Deal

April 4th, 2014

The Wilton Bulletin

REI Equity Partners Offers Opportunity for Small Investors

The benefits of commercial real estate investment — limited risk, regular income and long-term growth — can be available to regular folks, say REI Equity Partners.

“It’s typically somebody who wants to get involved in real estate, but doesn’t have the expertise or skill set to mange a portfolio of real estate,” said Bob Hebert of Ridgefield, one of REI’s three partners. “We look at properties, we look for properties that meet certain parameters, then we put together a group of investment partners.”