The Benefits:

  • STOs using and managed with Blockchain Technology provides investors with transparency and the security that their beneficial ownership position is immutable.

  • By synchronizing beneficial ownership with an SEC approved Transfer Agent, confidence and transparency can be further enhanced.

  • An STO provides confidence to global investors that it is an SEC compliant Reg S and/or Reg A+ offering.

  • As a Permanent Capital Vehicle, with no dividends, global investors with no U.S. tax ID may participate, without concern over the 30% dividend withholding rules.

  • Provides global investors unprecedented access to U.S. commercial real estate investments.

  • Provides clarity and stability in the valuation of each share of stock (or token) based upon the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the real estate acquired.

  • Reinvesting cash flow to acquire additional assets provides Equity share investors long term, year-over-year, compounded growth in NAV.

  • With a commitment to issuing US GAAP audited financial statements and quarterly reports to its shareholders consistent with an SEC reporting entity, provides unprecedented financial transparency and investor confidence for a private real estate investment fund.

  • NAV and hence Share (Token) value will grow regardless of the interest rate environment.

  • NAV and hence Share (Token) value will grow in either a rising, level or falling real estate price environment.

  • New STO exchanges in the U.S. and all over the world, for the first time, provide global liquidity for investors in U.S. private real estate funds.

  • Liquidity is enhanced and NAV managed with a share repurchase program.