Why Invest with REICG

REI Capital Growth is Different

REICG is disrupting the way “Private Equity” real estate funds in the U.S. operate and raise capital.

The Fund Manager, is focused exclusively on optimizing the value of highly desirable commercial real estate properties, which produce current income with attractive returns for rapid portfolio growth and opportunities for investor share value appreciation.

The company will reinvest 90% of its free cash-flow, with leverage, to acquire ever more real estate. By reinvesting its free cash-flow, REICG is compounding and expanding an appreciating asset base, generating greater free cash-flow year after year, on a predictable and programmatic basis.

REICG will grow the value of your Equity Shares every year by increasing the size of the cash-flow producing portfolio of real estate.

REICG’s Business Model will grow Equity Share value in Good times and Bad!

• In a rising interest rate environment.
• In a level and decreasing price environment.
• With lower risk, fully stabilized, cash flowing, Class A properties.
• With a majority of National and Regional Tenants.
• Low vacancy risk, because of pooled property ownership.
• With a geographically and tenant diversified portfolio.


REICG’s Business Model does NOT offer dividends on Equity:

• When the need for investor income arises, opportunity to redeem or trade some shares at the Net Asset Value (NAV) will be provided.
• No more 1099s or K-1s, or additional State tax filings.
• Equity redemption should only be subject to capital gains tax.  Therefore Investors keep more.
• Ideal for Roth IRA, IRA & 401Ks.  No UBTI concerns.